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Office Doodle #3

Watching more Office on Netflix. But hey, at least I’m drawing at the same time? That counts as productivity, right? Right?



This is a doodle for my husband. It’s a VW Rabbit! Being driven by rabbits!! One of the best ideas I’ve come …

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Office Doodle #2

This one took an under-the-sea theme. I drew chubby dolphins a lot as a kid, so this is in honor of them. …


Office Doodle #1

My husband and I recently took up the very productive hobby of watching The Office on Netflix.  All nine seasons of it. …


More Shoes!

I promise I’ve been making real art, but I still want to post this. Here are some more shoes I made for …


KAF logo

Here’s a logo I made for a local Broken Arrow coffee roaster. I made one, then decided it needed a revamp. And …


New Shoes! (Sort of)

Well, I painted my second pair of shoes! This time the victim was a pair of blue DC’s that I literally never …


Gallery Showing

I finally finished two pieces from my mirror series and had the honor of having them show at the Hardesty Art Center …